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Greetings Women of Ohio!

WE MADE IT! We survived fifteen months of lockdown, social distancing, mask wearing and quarantine because of a global pandemic. We made it, through losing loved ones and friends, missing holiday parties and special events. We made it, through fear, uncertainties, half-truths and the unknown. We made it, even without being in the physical church building.  We made it because of God’s grace and His love towards us. With the health orders being lifted it feels like freedom is being restored. However, things will never be the way they used to be before the pandemic. Why, because we are in a new era. So, where do we go from here as wives, mothers, women in the marketplace, women in the church?

We must take some time to reflect, react and then respond. Reflect on the God’s promises for the kingdom rather than on manmade traditions of the past. React to the positive effects of the pandemic not the negative. Respond to God’s call to give Him a “fresh” Y.E.S.  With this “fresh” Y.E.S. it will require us to yield our will for His will; expect a transformation in your mindset; and submit to whatever God asks of us. This “fresh” Y.E.S. requires a confession of your heart to obey God in a way that will give Him glory.  You may be wondering how exactly do I begin? It will require a HARD RESET.  “A hard reset is a heart of obedience to do whatever God tells you to do. Let’s take a look at how Mary, the mother of Jesus handled it.

In the first chapter of Luke, Mary initially told the Lord “Yes” as a young teen when the angel of the Lord said she was blessed among women. He then began to prophecy about a child that she would give birth to as a virgin. If that was not unbelievable enough, the angel went on to tell her about who her son was and what he was to become.  Although this young woman was frightened and did not have all the details she said, “YES.”  It was a hard reset from the traditions of her culture to have a heart of obedience for God’s will. Her surrender was in her response, “I am the Lord’s servant; (submit), “May it be to me as you have said” (expectancy) Luke 1:38.  Obedient women do not always have all the details of God’s plan before they are willing to follow. But we humbly submit (without complaining) and trust God with our Y.E.S. What do we do while we wait? We praise, we pray, and we live out our purpose based on the promises of God.

As Mary’s child grew, she matured in her faith as His life continued to fulfill prophecy. In John 2:1-5, we see where Mary walked in faith with a “fresh” Y.E.S. Before the wedding at Cana, Jesus went through great measures to conceal who He was. Why, because His time had not yet come for the world to know that He was the Messiah. However, here in the text His mother Mary is asking Him to perform a task that “could” reveal who He was. She informed her son that there was no more wine, which would be a great embarrassment for the wedding party. Jesus respectfully let His mother know that this should not be their concern and that it was not His “coming out” time. However, Mary’s heart of obedience and faith in the promises of God brought about a HARD RESET. Her reaction was in direct contrast to what her son stated. She turned from her son and told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you to do.” Mary knew what her son did not, His time had come. Jesus did in fact perform His first public miracle by turning water into wine. Mary was observant. Jesus was not an ordinary child.  She knew she was not only favored by being chosen to birth Him but her purpose was to be the mother of God. She esteemed Him; but as His mother she also had to nurture, teach, guide, support, and empower; all while remembering the promises of God regarding their Son’s life in the earth. Mary lived her life with a Y.E.S. down on the inside. And at the set time she had a fresh Y.E.S. This transformation did not put Mary in the spotlight, but her humble heart of obedience gave God glory. Mary made a Hard Reset; that catapulted her son into ministry and ultimately fulfilled every prophecy and promise of God. She was intentional with her Y.E.S.; yielded to God, expectantly waiting on the promises and humbly submitting to the Master’s will.

Women of God let us be intentional about life. Be smart to pay attention to your husbands and your children. Observe what they say and what they do. Remember to pray the promises and the plans God has spoken over them and over you. Keep a fresh Y.E.S. in your spirit and do not be afraid to do a hard reset in this new normal with new strategies. Hug your loved ones a few moments longer and speak blessings over them. You be the church (pray and praise with the power of the Spirit) in your home, in your neighborhood, and in your workplace. With each new day’s dawning give God thanks and be intentional. Embrace the truth about being favored by God and chosen to live out His purpose for your life.

Elder Karrie Jackson, State of Ohio Director of Women






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