Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

"Relevant Change Impacting Generations"




District Director, Peter Mingo


Cincinnati District

District Director Peter Mingo, Pastor

Christ Temple F.G.B.C.

3060 Durrell Ave.

Cincinnati OH  45207

Phone: 513-861-9563 (church)

Email: mingo@fuse.net


Bishop Victor Couzens 

Inspirational Baptist Church

City of Destiny

11450 Sebring Drive

Cincinnati OH  45240

Phone: 513-961-3060 (church)

Email: bshpcuz@aol.com


Pastor Leroy Owens  

Christ Temple F.G.B.C.

3060 Durrell Avenue

Cincinnati OH  45207

Phone: 513-526-1970 (church)

Email: leroyowens@rocketmail.com


Pastor Kenneth Smith 

Truth Universal Baptist Church

3340 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati OH  45207

Phone: 201-737-7308 (church)

Email: KMAN2013123@gmail.com


Pastor Clarence Bunch

First Zion Baptist Church

15 E. Xenia Street

Jamestown, OH 45335

Phone: 937-675-6102

Email: cbunch@antioch.edu


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